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(so called) Intellectual propertyAfter Samba installation, I got "smbd: Failed to initialize the registry: WERR ACCESS DENIED" in logsAlmabraxas
Almabraxas/1Almabraxas/1/Dossier d'autorisation
Almabraxas/1/Risks we anticipatedAlmabraxas/1/Some videosAlmabraxas/1/The story of it
Almabraxas/2Almabraxas/2/Transmission frame formatAlmabraxas/3B
Almabraxas/Other High Altitude Balloon projects with detailed descriptionsAlmabraxas/Other links
Almabraxas/Various open questionsArduino: keep your project and sub-libraries under the same folder
BackupatroncheBackupatronche/internalsBad patents is what happens when lawyers think they understand engineering
Bash: how to retrieve / show a function definitionBlog, wiki, CMS... which one is the right for me ?Boxee box: changes inside my VIDEO TS directory not taken into account
Cad notesChampagnesClassification des animaux
Configuring DHCP / DNS on desktop machinesConverting between energy forms (practical)Creating a web app using Python in 15 minutes (installation included)
Créer un menu personnalisé avec tikiwikiDVD notesDedicated hosting in France
Deltacopy over ssh not working after setupDoomsday predictions that didn't occurDraft
Du bon usage d'une licence mobileEn:Test enEpydoc and zope
Exim keep environmentFoolproof method to rip any dvd without reencoding under LinuxGetting permission right for otrs log
Getting rid of googleHackingHacking/debug python unexpected dictionary modification
How to: hide wikimedia special pages from anonymous users (my way)Howto specify X scalable fonts from the command lineI'm using ino for Arduino, and I'm creating a library however it isn't found during build
IPv6: predicting the time of the big switchIncrease the number of transactions displayed in Zope's undo tabIncremental mysql backup using mysqldump and svn
Inspiring quotesInterior architectureIs this the end of large companies ?
Les 3 états de l'externalisationLes Societes de Perception et de Repartition des Droits (SPRD)List of people advocating teaching computer programming at school
List of storesMain PageManagement & strategy
Mon programme/EducationMon programme politiqueMonitoring-water-in-my-cave
Mwlib with only one line: "No JSON object could be decoded"My past and present email addressesNotes
Notes on UMTS channelsNotes on climateNotes on installing mailpile
Notes on making inotool work with teensyNotes on python unicodeNotes on the TSerial1 library
Nouvelle législation américaine sur les brevets, "méthodes d'affaires" et brevets logiciels.Old Main PageOlimex LCD16x2
Patents are badPlanes...Politique
Pourquoi le réseau mobile n'est-il pas déjà IPv6 ?Principle of localityProcess vs People
Programming stylePublicagrumQuelle-frequence
Quelques mots sur ACTARFM69 ChibiOS driverRadio
RestaurantRoles and permissions in ZopeScience script
Solved: awstats doesn't show bar graph for days of monthSubject-oriented programming, problem with object-oriented programming with examples in PythonSubmarine cables notes
Super mega lockT2n usbnxt upload can t initiate uploadTeensy notes
TestTest/subThe difference between technical objects and semantic objects in programming
The idiot's guide to Arduino Uno timer1The laws of the computer professionnalThe search for the perfect backup
The technology exoticness hierarchyThere seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Go back to the previous page, reload that page and then try again.Todo
UMTS notesUnit test with heterogeneous databaseUpdate from ubuntu 12 LTS to 13.04 notes
Using transaction object to test code in a multiple database persistence environmentVarious strategies to write a low-level serial driver (harware or microcontroller)Wordpress update or install with ftp: can't create directory xxx
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