t2n: usbnxt: upload: can'y initiate upload (reply=0x02,status=0xffffff92,error=0x0000)

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6 November 2010

If you're getting this error, most likely you're trying to upload to your Lego Mindstorm NXT with t2n a program compiled with nbc.

If you're using an adequat version of nbc (I'm using, the point is that you don't need t2n at all.

nbc can upload the program to the NXT Just type (as root):

 nbc -d your-program.nxc

and you'll get the familiar beep telling your program has been uploaded to the brick.



2822 days ago
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nbc usage

Exactly the simple solution I was looking for. You are quite nifty!


2649 days ago
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ooooooh clappy freaking cow!

"...the point is that you don't need t2n at all."

After almost an hour trying to get t2n up and running, I read those words. Thanks a bunch.



2531 days ago
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solution upload file.nxc to Lego NXT


i wasted hours with linxt and t2n. Nothing worked with ubuntu 10.01. Then i found your solution. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!


Anonymous user #1

1132 days ago
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Very informative post.Really thank you! Awesome. eebgfgfcgcdkeaad
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