Notes on making inotool work with teensy

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First, install ino in a fresh directory (instructions at

pip install --ignore-installed --install-option="--prefix=/project-dir" ino

There's an error access when I run as a user, so I rerun as root.

This is version 0.3.6.

cd /project-dir
git init
git add *
git commit -a -m "After ino install"

Then we install the arduino environment (1.0.5, the one supported by teensyduino). The Arduino page is, the teensyduino one is

For arduino, this is just extracting the archive:

tar xzvf arduino-1.0.5-linux32.tgz

Again, we keep track of what's going on.

git add arduino-1.0.5
git commit -a -m "After arduino install"

We create a project

ino init
(put some lines in src/foo.ino)

Now, first thing we would like to do is

ino build -m teensy31

However, ino doesn't find the right boards.txt file, which describes the boards right now. The one we're interested in is in arduino/hardware/teensy, while arduino ones are in arduino/hardware/arduino.

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