Boxee box: changes inside my VIDEO TS directory not taken into account

Published on 12 June, 2012

Boxee keeps track of the existing VIDEO_TS paths. So if one exists and was parsed, and you do some modification (for example adding a movie.nfo file inside it), boxee considers it had parsed the directory and won't do it again, missing your modifications.

A possible solution is to rename the n+2 directory, for example if you have


you can rename it to


incrementing the number every time you do a modification. Alternatively, you can move the MYDDVD directory to something like


and every time you do a modification, you change the name (refresh.2, refresh.3, etc...). This way, boxee thinks its a new directory every time, and try to parse it.

Once you're satisfied with what you see on the screen, you can revert to