First console & frame decoding

Wrote the decoding of the frame on the server side today (note: the Iridium gateway call an URL on my server everytime a message is received from the modem by the Iridium gateway). The data is then written as a JSON file on the server, where it can get pulled by the console.

I wrote a first version of the console (at A javascript snippet pull data (the JSON file written by the backend). Time graphs are made with canvasJS, the map is made with google maps, of course. There’s no synchronization between the backend and the snippet for now, it’s just the snippet tries to pull data every minute while data comes every 3-4 minutes at best.

I’ve thrown a few line of codes creating random data at regular intervals just to make the console display something while testing.

I’ve added a “ticker” effect (the changed data appear in inverted video until the next change), coded by hand for the fun. The data from the field unit are in gray, the data from the Iridium gateway are titled in blue, and the computed data are in green.

Only one time serie for now, I have to add the other ones, and many display on the map are still to do: display of data in a window, and tracking of previous points. I also should add a KML display.

Also the X axis of the time series aren’t labeled with time values.