This is my original web page, started circa 1995.
Today, I'm adding work on the wiki and the blog .
An history of the versions.

Last known picture of Tronche at work (taken in real-time: reload it to see):

____________________A picture of myself taken by a spy camera NOW.____________________

...or if you've got enough bandwith, you can get the direct live !

``One day at work'', you can now download the movie (animated GIF or MPEG) of what happened yesterday in this office.

Back to tronche, nobody really knows what happened to him...

A rotating sphere Myself, front picture Myself, side picture What happened to me: the movie


Last known words.

Last known research activities: PhD Thesis on groupware, distributed compilers and other hacking stuff at the LRI's Computer-Human Interaction group. His advisor was Michel Beaudouin-Lafon (oops, may be this one). Click here for his publication list.

Now at LSV.

Some stuff I made

About WEB Wanderer robots

Ok, I'm a bad guy. I've created one of these freaks. Some more about WWW agents at

Have a look at the world (WARNING: many pictures on this page). An Iron Maiden album, Skunkworks. Boris Vallejo art work. Web Directory.
Also the ICCCM in HTML, a hyperlinked GIF 89a manual. A script to send messages to a Tam-Tam pocket pager, or an SMS on the Itineris network, some statistics about this server, some notes about our mediaspace, ``One day at work'', tech notes, the GWM manual in HTML, plugins for Netscape (under SGI), miscellaneous stuff, real-time movies (spy cameras) on the Web, the Xlib programming manual in HTML, my work on the COFI project, my public domain VRML browser for unix tidarque, a C++ program to generate every possible X11 requests and more to come.

Teaching activities

Formerly at IUT d'Orsay: COBOL and "projects" (in french).

This year: DEUG, MIAGE, DESS and FIIFO.

Other teaching activities: Ada, also C, C++, X/Motif... Here are some assignments (in french). Miscellaneous teaching stuff (this is a total mess).

Click here to make me tell my office's time (in french).
The icon I use as my face for the sake of the CyberStuff The link of no interest...
Christophe Tronche,