• You may know that America has a new legislation regarding patents, the America Invents Act. A remarkable part of it is sec 18. “TRANSITIONAL PROGRAM FOR COVERED BUSINESS-METHOD PATENTS”. My

  • PHP equivalent of python setattr

    setattr(obj, name, value) sets property name of obj to value in python. You can do the same in php with$obj->$name = value note the $ in front of the name$obj->name

  • Email

    Before gmail and others, the e-mail was a 20-100 MB storage provided by your ISP with a POP / IMAP mechanism to retrieve it. Gmail and others have turned it

  • The case: you connect to a remote computer with ”ssh”, or may be you just do ”su” to become another unix user, then start something like gpg-agent –daemon /bin/bash or

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1st shot at a remote console for the prototype boat
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RT @dplaindoux: La présentation ainsi que le code élaborés pour ma présentation intitulée "Programmation par Traits sous l'influence de la…
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