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30 September 2008 Ch. Tronche 0

This is part of the future of energy: distributed production coordinated by a sophisticated platform. GridPoint home page.

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29 August 2006 Ch. Tronche 0

Zopa tries to disintermediate the personnal credit market. You want to borrow money ? You have money to lend ? Go to Zopa I’m not […]

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24 August 2006 Ch. Tronche 0

Another jewel from DEMO. Go to riya’s web site. Face recognition for the masses. In my view the most awesome breakthrough in data search since […]

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23 August 2006 Ch. Tronche 0

MooBella. Amazing Ben-&-Jerry’-O-matic (or Häagen-Dazs-O-matic on this side of the Atlantic). I first hear about it on the DEMO 2006 web cast.