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BlackBerry users to get 30-day warning of shutdown…

20 January 2006 by Ch. Tronche | Filed under RIM vs. NTP.

Source: out-law.com, http://www.out-law.com/default.aspx?page=6552

Funny how a company that produces no service (NTP) can shut down another company that provides the real service (RIM). Certainly, I’m utterly naive, but it’s hard to think that patents can help innovation in this way.

One may argue that this is what patents are about. Protecting the innovator against big money so that she can develop her invention. NTP, however, has never even tried to build a prototype. Or raised money to do so. This isn’t surprising: a few “details” patents aren’t a full-scale service, not by a long shot. The effort of RIM is far stronger than NTP’s one.
So is it patent ambush or just a bargaining muscle flexion on both part ? However, would it be reasonnable to let the owner of the mere drawing of a new screw kills a successful automotive manufacturer ?

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