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The X11 Generic Window Manager

June 95, Version: 1.8a

Colas Nahaboo

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Although I am the only designer and implementor of GWM, the project could not have been completed without the help of many individuals, namely:

Vania Joloboff, who created the KOALA BULL team at INRIA, and started the GWM project, and KOALA members Vincent Bouthors and Daniel Dardailler who tested GWM and wrote WOOL profiles.

Gilles Kahn, Francis Montagnac, and the CROAP team at INRIA who intensively used GWM and provided me with machines to develop it. A special thanks goes to Janet Incerpi who corrected the documentation.

All my beta testers: Raphael Bernhard, Didier Poirot, Matthieu Devin, Christophe Muller, Laurent Hill, Anne Marie Bustos, Simon Kaplan ... and last, but certainly not least, Bob Scheifler himself!

And since July 1989, GWM has been enhanced by the growing community of the gwm-talk mailing list, whose members are alas too numerous to be all cited here, but are giving me an invaluable feedback.

Colas Nahaboo.
INRIA -- KOALA Project
BP 93 -- 06902 Sophia Antipolis


Although GWM comes without ANY guarantee nor official support, You can mail any questions relative to GWM by electronic mail to gwm@mirsa.inria.fr2, and you can find the latest GWM version by anonymous ftp on (/contrib/window_managers) and on (pub/gwm) where the mailing lists are also archived (pub/gwm/gwm-talk-archive). And a WWW page exists at

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