Screen shots showing Tidarque at work

The control panel

This is the control panel. On the left are three viewpoints defined by the VRML world. Next is a set of radio buttons to select the lighting model. The third column contains the available motion modes. At the end are two buttons, one to enable / disable the display of the bounding boxes, the other one to pop up the tree browser window. Control Panel

A simple world with some motion

Playground The playground world, displayed by Tidarque, the green cube is spinning.


A movie mapped on the faces of a box. It works for the other geometries as well, but it isn't clearly demonstrated when it doesn't move on this still picture ! A movie ?

Lighting modes

Plane textured Plane untextured
Plane unlit Plane wireframed
A nice plane from the AC3D site. Top left: textured, right, textures removed. Bottom left: light suppressed (only diffuse colors are retained), right: wireframe exposed.

Bounding boxes and the tree browser

Walking kid Walking kid with bounding boxes
A walking kid. At right, the bounding boxes are shown (they're displayed for every group).
Tree browser Walking kid
The tree browser, with two levels unfolded. Note that a node may appear several times (if it is shared in the VRML world).
Tree browser Walking kid
The tree browser, with more branches unfolded. A node is selected, and the corresponding bounding box is visible in the rendering window.

Christophe Tronche,