Netscape audio/basic plugin for SGI / Irix

This is a Netscape plugin handling the audio/basic (also known as Sun AU8) file format for SGI / Irix. The Irix 6.x Netscape handled audio/basic already, but in NP_ASFILE mode, that is the full data has to be loaded in order for the playing to start. This is reasonable because if the data is delivered by the server to the Netscape client at a lower rate than the sample playing rate (very likely), even temporarily because the network freezes, you'll get unpleasant sound distortions, or even no sound at all.

But there is at least one other context where you want the data delivered in stream mode, namely when using Netscape as a client for a videoconferencing system on a local or throughput-controlled, network. What we do.

If you're interesting in this toy, you can get the binary here. To use it, just put it into your ~/.netscape/plugins directory before launching Netscape (it's linked with SGI's audio library, but everything should be fine).

You can also get the sources. See the README file to compile and install it.

This has been developped in C using Netscape plugin SDK for Unix, v3.0b5.

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Christophe Tronche,