Status XGetGeometry(display, d, root_return, x_return, y_return, width_return, 
                      height_return, border_width_return, depth_return)
        Display *display;
        Drawable d;
        Window *root_return;
        int *x_return, *y_return;
        unsigned int *width_return, *height_return;
        unsigned int *border_width_return;
        unsigned int *depth_return;


display Specifies the connection to the X server.
d Specifies the drawable, which can be a window or a pixmap.
root_return Returns the root window.
Return the x and y coordinates that define the location of the drawable. For a window, these coordinates specify the upper-left outer corner relative to its parent's origin. For pixmaps, these coordinates are always zero.
Return the drawable's dimensions (width and height). For a window, these dimensions specify the inside size, not including the border.
border_width_return Returns the border width in pixels. If the drawable is a pixmap, it returns zero.
depth_return Returns the depth of the drawable (bits per pixel for the object).


The XGetGeometry() function returns the root window and the current geometry of the drawable. The geometry of the drawable includes the x and y coordinates, width and height, border width, and depth. These are described in the argument list. It is legal to pass to this function a window whose class is InputOnly.

XGetGeometry() can generate a BadDrawable error.


BadDrawable A value for a Drawable argument does not name a defined Window or Pixmap.

See also

XGetWindowAttributes(), XQueryPointer(), XQueryTree(), "Obtaining Window Information"
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