How to get a printable (PostScript) version of the Xlib reference manual ?

I've been asked this question often enough to justify an answer here.

Getting the whole Xlib reference manual in one PostScript file is quite easy. You've first to go to your favorite archive site. As a fallback, you can try the X consortium server, but files here have been quite volatile in the past. Go into the X11 directory and get the file called tog-3.tar.gz, then uncompress and untar it. It'll give you a directory xc/doc/specs/X11. Go into it, then type xmkmf -a. This will create the Makefile from the Imakefile. Then just type make, it will create a file called xlib.PS, the (> 450 pages !) Xlib documentation. If you want to get the index right, you'll also need to get the 16 Mb tog-1.tar.gz file, just to get the two awk scripts from the doc/util directory...

Christophe Tronche,
$Date: 2005/10/31 17:18:02 $