6.12.7 Function Sets

Functions to convert between device-dependent color spaces and CIE XYZ may differ for different classes of output devices (for example, color versus gray monitors). Therefore, the notion of a Color Characterization Function Set has been developed. A function set consists of device-dependent color spaces and the functions that convert color specifications between these device-dependent color spaces and the CIE XYZ color space appropriate for a particular class of output devices. The function set also contains a function that reads color characterization data off root window properties. It is this characterization data that will differ between devices within a class of output devices. For details about how color characterization data is stored in root window properties, see the section on Device Color Characterization in the Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual. The LINEAR_RGB function set is provided by Xlib and will support most color monitors. Function sets may require data that differs from those needed for the LINEAR_RGB function set. In that case, its corresponding data may be stored on different root window properties.
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