A. Revision History

This appendix describes the revision history of this document and summarizes the incompatibilities between this and earlier versions.

A.1. The X11R2 Draft

The February 25, 1988 draft that was distributed as part of X Version 11, Release 2 was clearly labeled as such, and many areas were explicitly labeled as liable to change. Nevertheless, in the revision work since then, we have been very careful not to introduce gratuitous incompatibility. As far as possible, we have tried to ensure that clients obeying the conventions in the X11R2 draft would still work.

A.2. The July 27, 1988 Draft

The Consortium review was based on a draft dated July 27, 1988. This draft included several areas in which incompatibilities with the X11R2 draft were necessary:

A.3. The Public Review Drafts

The Consortium review resulted in several incompatible changes. These changes were included in drafts that were distributed for public review during the first half of 1989.

A.4. Version 1.0, July 1989

The public review resulted in a set of mostly editorial changes. The changes in version 1.0 that introduced some degree of incompatibility with the earlier drafts are:

A.5. Version 1.1

Version 1.1 was released with X11R5 in September, 1991. In addition to some minor editorial changes, there were a few semantic changes since Version 1.0:

A.6. Public Review Draft, December 1993

The following changes have been made in preparing the public review draft for Version 2.0.

A.7. Version 2.0, April 1994

The following changes have been made in preparation for releasing the final edition of Version 2.0 with X11R6.

Christophe Tronche, ch@tronche.com