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Is Google boosting IPv6 adoption ?

13 April 2011 by Ch. Tronche | Comments Off | Filed in Divers

This is part of my series on (Trying to) foresee IPv6 deployment.

Google is doing a lot of things for IPv6 adoption with its IPv6 program. First, it brings credibility to IPv6. When Google talks, the world listens. They have hosted a workshop about IPv6 adoption, where at least two important points where made:

about 0.5 % of internet users have a broken IPv6 connectivity, that is their computer thinks it has IPv6 connectivity, if presented with an IPv6 address, the computer will try to use it, but it will ultimately fail. Depending on your view, 0.5% may be acceptable or not (not acceptable from the point of view of Google)
T-mobile USA brought steam to the NAT64 approach by saying this was their way, and by putting some hard figures about NAT64 brokenness on the table.

However, as an ISP, for your clients to use Google (and affiliated sites like Youtube) over IPv6 by default, you need to have a special agreement with Google. This is because of the 0.5% that Google doesn’t want to lose. The point is that, for now, most ISPs still have a stock of IPv4 addresses, so their new customers have a dedicated IPv4 address to get the best possible connectivity. For these ISPs, there’s absolutely no incentive to enter into the agreement with Google. On the other hand, if IPv6 access was enabled by default, it would move large amounts of traffic to IPv6 for the ISP customers that have IPv6 enabled, pushing the ISPs towards IPv6.

All in all, I think the current Google policy of “IPv6 on agreement” restrains rather than encourages IPv6 adoption.


This blog is archive only

2 May 2010 by Ch. Tronche | Comments Off | Filed in Divers

… But the adventure goes on on the next generation, Tronche 3.0.

A propos de la crise

23 October 2008 by Ch. Tronche | Comments Off | Filed in Divers

J’aimerais me livrer ici à l’exercice périlleux de la prédiction.

Le choc en retour de la crise actuelle va continuer à se dérouler dans les années qui viennent de façon épisodique pour une raison que je vais maintenant un peu développer.

La plupart des parts dans des fonds de placement vendues ces dernières années par les institutions (banques et autres) aux individus, le sont généralement à capital garanti, les particuliers acceptant rarement le risque de perdre les économies de leur vie. Les fonds ont donc souscrit des assurances pour adosser cette garantie. La valeur des actions sous-jacentes auront fortement baissées dans la tourmente actuelle, et déclencheront des appels de liquidités vers les assurances déjà exsangues au fur et à mesure que les fonds arriveront à maturité.

Voilà qui nous promet une vie intéressante dans les années qui viennent…

I'm back to Firefox

13 September 2008 by Ch. Tronche | Comments Off | Filed in Divers

I’ve been using Chrome for two weeks now, and I’m back to Firefox.

Chrome is good, but it doesn’t bring anything new to me.

I’m not sure the “one process per tab” gives as much performance as Google claims. It seems slow to me when Windows must bring things back into memory.

My opinion is that Chrome lags behind Firefox for now, so I’m back.

Will Google succeed in the market with Chrome or not ? I don’t know. Google guys are smart. But Microsoft never got out the OS+office software ghetto, in spite of having some smart  guys too.

22 July 2007 by Ch. Tronche | Comments Off | Filed in Divers

“Seul peut critiquer celui qui est prêt à aider.”



6 July 2007 by Ch. Tronche | Comments Off | Filed in Divers

“L’ineptie, c’est de refaire la même chose et d’espérer un résultat différent.”



A blog on my attempt to blog

15 January 2006 by Ch. Tronche | Comments Off | Filed in Divers

The original post is at http://tronche.com/blog/?p=3

Un nouveau post

15 January 2006 by Ch. Tronche | Comments Off | Filed in Divers

Mais un post en deux langues.

J'ai installé WordPress…

14 January 2006 by Ch. Tronche | Comments Off | Filed in Divers

Mambo me semblait très câblé. WordPress n’est pas loin derrière, mais il semble plus simple…