(altitude + temp graph = 4 lines)
(speed vs altitude)
(available power)
(time between messages)
Mission status: testing Mission time:
GPS time Iridium reception time Distance run (nm) Uptime (s) Message sequence WP (waypoint) #
2015-06-07 22:15:11 x 6490 8 6
GPS Latitude Iridium Latitude Distance to go (nm) Power (V) Total GPS messages WP latitude
- 7.55 7
GPS Longitude Iridium Longitude ETA Free mem (bytes) GPS void messages WP longitude
12183 8
GPS altitude (m) barometric altitude (m) Barometric pressure (Pa) SD card logging GPS ko messages Distance to next WP
3 43 100809 ok
GPS speed (knots) GPS heading OAT (°C) Cell temp (°C) modem error messages Next WP ETA
Avg speed (kts) Vertical speed (m/s) Message delay